Samsung reveals six innovative new projects from its C-Lab


    The Samsung Creative Lab (C-Lab) is an in house incubator where employees can work on their pet projects. The C-Lab nurtures the business ideas of Samsung employees, as well as spins out the products into independent startups. After successful product demonstrations, Samsung has announced six new projects from C-Lab. These are Ahead, FITT360, Hum On!, ItsyWatch, LiCon and Waffle. Looking at these device, including the headband for 360 degree videos and the app to convert hums into songs, one cannot help but wonder why these have not been done before.




    Ahead is a head mounted communication device for use by those who frequently wear helmets, including cyclists, bikers and skiers. The device can be used to listen to music, and can also read out voice alerts. A hands-free design allows the device to replace mobile phones, or walkie talkies. Ahead is an unobstructive voice based interface for devices.




    The FITT360 is a headband that can record video in 360 degrees. The two lenses are on either side of the head, giving the viewers an impression of actually being there, and delivers an immersive 360 degree video experience. As compared to hand held 360 degree cameras, the head mounted FITT360 is convenient and easy to use. The operation of the camera is hands-free.

    Hum On!

    Hum On! is an application that allows anyone, even without musical instruments, to make music. The app converts hums into musical notations. Users can then play back the music in variouys styles, including Rhythm and Blues, Rock, Orchestra and Ballad. Users with more musical experience can edit notes, change the tempo or adjust the key of the song later on. There is a metronome option to help users hum more accurately. The Hum On! app is available for free on Google Play.



    The ItsyWatch is a smartwatch for kids designed to teach them good habits. There is a virtual pet on the watch that the children have to take care of and nurture. The watch has features to relieve stress from parents and increase the emotional bond between family members.



    The LiCON is a universal smartphone remote for the internet of things. To control a connected device, users only have to capture an image of the device on the LiCON app in the camera mode, and options to command and control the photographed device shows up. The buttons to command the device are contextual and depend on the kind of device. The app is designed to connect to a range of smart devices including air purifiers, doors, lights, televisions and fridges.


    Waffle is a social network for doodles. WhatsApp, Messenger, Snapchat all allow users to draw on top of images. Waffle explores this urge further by allowing users to create stories from multiple canvases they have doodled over. The app will be particularly enjoyed by those who like to Doodle. There is a wide variety of brushes and colour options available for Doodling. Waffle is a free app and is available on the Google Play Store.