Watch ‘There will be Kashmir but not Pakistan’: Indian soldier’s poem goes viral


Tension between India and Pakistan are at an unprecedented high. Seventeen soldiers were killed in Sunday’s Uri terror attack in Kashmir.

A few Indian politicians have wanted the government to show no restraint against Pakistan. The above video, which has gone viral, shows Head Constable Manoj Kumar from Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh reciting a poem of grit and valour while talking about showing Pakistan its true face and about what Indian soldiers are really made of. He says, “We are lions/ we don’t fear anyone/ except agreements like Tashkent and Shimla…”

The soldier says that Pakistan employs cunning tactics and describes it as, “A fox (Pakistan) is scared of wolf/ as you are not a lion (Indian soldier).”

He also deplores Pakistan for their tactics of terror used in Kashmir. He narrates many victories of India over Pakistan, of the valour of Indian soldiers and of Pakistan’s many defeats.

Parting with a warning about the consequences of a war with India, he says,

“If you wage war with us/ there won’t be a trace left of you/ there will be a Kashmir/ but not a Pakistan.

Ganga will change her direction/flow from Lahore…

We will change the geography of the earth/ Indian flag will fly high in Islamabad…

There will be a Kashmir/but not a Pakistan.”

Jai hind! Jai Hindustan!

Bharat Matha Ki Jai!