Evernote Hikes Paid Plan Rates, Limits Basic Account to Two Devices

Evernote’s paid plans have become more expensive, while the company has slashed some features of the Basic account

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Evernote has announced a new price structure for its Premium and Plus users on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. The popular note-taking app decided yesterday that it will limit the number of devices on Basic accounts.

Basic users will now be able to sync their notes with only two devices, while Premium and Plus accounts could sync their notes with more than two devices. Even if users are signed in to their Evernote account from two different iPhones it would still be counted as two devices.

“If multiple people sign in to separate accounts on the same Evernote app, on the same device, that device counts as one device for each Evernote account,” says the company’s support page.

According to the new price structure, Plus package can now be availed for $3.99 or $35 per year. In contrast, Evernote Premium is now priced at $8 per month, up from a previous $6. The company offers its Premium account users 10GB storage space every month, along with the ability to scan business cards and enable its users to search within PDF files.

Meanwhile, the Basic package of the Evernote remains free, but has lost one of its most attractive features. Users of the Basic account can upload only 60MB worth of notes every month. The upload limit does not really seem to affect users who upload only text files, but for some, 60MB of storage only covers a few images or voice recordings. Nevertheless, one compelling feature for Basic users is the ability to password protect their notes. This feature was previously available on Plus and Premium accounts only.

“We don’t take any change to our pricing model lightly, and we never take you for granted,” Evernote told its users in a blog post. “Our goal is to continue improving Evernote for the long-term, investing in our core products to make them more powerful and intuitive while also delivering often-requested new features. But that requires a significant investment of energy, time, and money. We’re asking those people who get the most value from Evernote to help us make that investment and, in return, to reap the benefits that result.”

Many users have criticized the price hike by the company. Industry experts believe that this move will have a negative impact on the company’s user base, as users may switch to other (cheaper) note-taking apps.

According to the company, its main goal is to invest in its core products and make it more intuitive and innovative, with future plans to add more features in its app by the end of this year. In any case, we believe that the company should roll out more innovative features to justify the price increase.