Screenshots Of Microsoft Windows 10 OS For Phones Leaked

Windows 10 has just been leaked, and a number of changes seem to have been made


If you happen to use a Windows phone, and have been among the ones bashing the company for a lack of features, it looks like your cries have been heard.

Earlier today, screenshots, and some of the new features off Microsoft Corporation’s new Windows 10 OS were reported to have been leaked, and it was all confirmed in merely no-time.

As it seems, a Polish website, Windowsmania were involved in leaking the screenshots of the latest Windows 10, putting on show some of the newly added features; the word is that a number of significant changes have been made to the system, including new notification updates, and a handful of UI enhancements, giving it a significantly new look.

Awaiting confirmations from Microsoft itself, the word coming in suggests that a number of applications would now be able to notify users using sounds, vibrations, banners, and most importantly, using LED notifications; you may think of it as nothing new to the world of smartphones, but it has generated a sense of eagerness among Windows phones users, having bashed the company for so long regarding the missing features.

With build 12521, you can now play around with the LED notifications, customizing them the way you want. Moreover, you could handpick apps that you wish to get LED notifications off; too late to ride the bandwagon, you may say, but it’s a step-forward if nothing.

Likewise, build 12521 would offer complete control of the microphone to users, with all apps now seeking permission.

Apart from this, amendments have been made to Windows 10 which would now allow its users to remove the primary Microsoft Accounts off their phones, and that too without restoring their phones.

A new, powerful photo app is now on-offer, grouping up pictures of the phone, and off the OneDrive. Also, users can now customize the smart screen with a full-sized background image.

Moreover, reports suggest that Microsoft has stalled the launch all its new flagship phones for now, all set to be launched only after the new Windows 10 starts rolling out later this year.

Nothing ground breaking, as it is evident, but it does point out the intentions of the company striving to help enhance the Windows OS experience.